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Your Body: Why it is Important and How it Has Changed (Part 1)

Apr 17, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

Your body and the bodies that compose Hell are the only material things you will have to prostitute to your advantage. Therefore, if at all possible, and with your utmost resourcefulness, you must endeavor to keep your body intact and in relative working order for as long as possible.

Keeping your body in working order will allow you to travel, as necessary, throughout Hell. It will also help you avoid some of the environmental hazards as well as endure the inevitable encounters you will have with Hell’s inhabitants.

It is important to note that part of the Devil’s strategy in Hell is to malform, or as a function of Hell’s design, force you to malform your body. Please understand that this has been fully and completely orchestrated by the Devil. It is widely known that man has an endearing, and sometimes obsessive attachment to his body. In order to successfully survive in Hell you must endeavor to release yourself from this constraint, for it will only hinder your progress. Understand that you are dead, fully and completely. There is nothing you can do, or have done to yourself, that will worsen or better the condition of death. Although you will feel pain, just as you have felt it in life, the idea of self-preservation from the standpoint of your physical visage is irrelevant. You can do nothing, nor have anything done to you, that will change the fact that you are in Hell. So it is best to use what you have around you, deform what you must deform of your body, and fight through the unavoidable pain and trauma you will experience. Those who can release themselves from the attachment of their physical selves, and embody these principles are amongst the most successful survivors in Hell.

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