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The Wingless Angel


"Hope has no lungs, yet it breathes. Hope has no heart, yet it beats. Hope has no legs, yet it travels. Hope has no mind, yet it knows all."

Fire and brimstone, pitchforks and horns, eternal damnation; this is the story you've been told about Hell. 


It is false. 


Hell is far worse. 


Covered in human skin, coursing with rivers of blood, bodies falling from the sky day and night; it will take much more than faith if you are to survive. 


The epic battle between Angels and Demons has raged for centuries, but it's about to encounter a twist: the arrival of Army Medic, Silton. And before it's over, the balance between Heaven and Hell will be shifted, shifted by a Wingless Angel.


"Sin follows the sinner, it does not lead."  

"This is a creepy and decidedly different story, a genre at which the author excels, and who skillfully holds the reader in the palm of his hand. The setting was done very well, it set the tone for the entire book. I loved

the writing style overall, it was very fluid and fast-moving." - Novel News Network 


"Writing is sophisticated and liquid, with good pacing timing. Characters are believable, engaging, and have great interactive chemistry that adds tension, amusement, and know-how to the story. Perfect balance of drama and action. This book does a great job of fantasy elements where needed, but recognizes that fantasy is a setting, that we need to be able to picture. It's great in the vivid way the author describes it. I also liked that there is a complete story." - The Indie Express

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