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Cutting/Blood Flow Injuries

Oct 31, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

Understand that blood is energy. Blood is needed to push oxygen into your muscles so you can move, defend, and operate in any usable fashion. Without blood, you will lose your ability to move, without movement, you will be susceptible to sinking into the Skin-Land. If this occurs, there will be no chance for your redemption, and you will become a permanent part of Hell. When you sustain a cut of minor incidence, it will bleed like you’d expect and clot normally via platelets. If you are cut significantly, you can expect the blood in the surrounding body parts to completely evacuate from you. For example if your hand is cut off and not tended to, your entire arm and most of your shoulder will evacuate of blood. Your veins will then collapse and your skin will hang loose until it dries out and shrinks onto this newly formed scaffolding of tendons and bone. Conversely, if you sustain injury to a main blood conduit, the femoral artery for example, you can expect all of your blood, save some in your feet and legs, to evacuate from your body. Subsequently your skin should eventually dry and shrink to match this form depending on your bodies fat content. Therefore it is recommended that you replace your existing blood at every occasion. If given the opportunity, consume or add blood to your body. You will find blood difficult to drink at first. Without question, your stomach will reject it, but this will pass and soon you will find it easier, and in fact, pleasurable to take in. Many inhabitants of Hell remark the intake of fresh blood to be invigorating. This too should be your expectation and goal. (See: Blood Soaking, Blood Downing) —From “Hell: A Survival Guide” By Delta-Delius

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