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Injury, Repair, and Additions

Oct 24, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

When you inevitably become injured, there are a few things to note about its effects upon you. Suffice it to say, your body will follow the same general principals of pain and physical reactions: blood will flow out of wounds, broken bones will break and if not set correctly will rebind in awkward positions, organs will become dislodged or spill out if given the opportunity. The difference in Hell, as you know by now, is that this will have no effect on your consciousness. It will only have an effect on your ability to move, defend, and procure resources for yourself. The following sections will explain a few of the most common injuries and how to repair them. It also discusses how to give yourself an advantage in Hell by adding additional body parts. —From “Hell: A Survival Guide” By Delta-Delius

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