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The Air In Hell

Jun 27, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

The air in Hell is noxious. It is a combination of aspirated hydrochloric stomach acid, and aerated bile salts. This is created in the deeper levels of Hell as the sunken bodies are dissolved and these chemical elements group together. The gas pockets that are then created eventually rise upward and escape to the surface in large Digestive Acid Plumes. The oppressive and constant heat in Hell also exacerbates this phenomenon by forcing the gasses up to the ceiling of Hell which, for the purposes of the atmosphere, only appears to be about 100 feet high from any given land rise or depression. This low ceiling concentrates the gasses immensely to the point where it will burn the skin and eyes in some of its denser sections. Also, on rare occasions, this density of acid will cause pressure-induced condensation, which presents in highly potent Digestive Acid Rain. (See – Digestive Acid Rain Storms)

Although it is possible for you to intake the air in Hell, this is not recommended. The interior lining of both your throat and lungs is not equipped to protect you from a PH as low as the acidic air. This will result in a stinging sensation during your first breath, as well as significant coughing and choking. As you will not be able to expel the entirety of the air, the remaining acid in your lungs will begin to eat away at your alveoli and then the lining of the lungs. Although this takes some time, repeated breathing in Hell will result in the acid eating its way into your internal organs and beyond. It is important to remember that you do not need to breath any longer as you are already dead, so this habit must be broken as quickly as possible in order to maintain the general functionality of your body.

—From “Hell Geographica” By Doctorem Delta-Lindicus

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