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Blood Rivers

Aug 18, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

As people are made up of mostly blood, Blood Rivers are a very common occurrence in Hell. These rivers present as slow to fast moving masses of blood seeking the lowest point in a topographical land system. They are often formed from the sliced open skin-land trails left by the Devils transportation system in Hell called The Sled, which will be explained further in the Chapter – The Sled. In more rare cases, large movements deep under the surface of Hell driven by expanding gas cause massive eruptions akin to volcanoes that project or seep blood from higher pressurized land points. Most of these Blood Rivers are thick and slow moving in nature due to the density of blood as well as the fat, digestive juices, and various small organs that will undoubtedly be floating within them. This density could prove to be taken advantage of, as any reasonably seaworthy construct will float easily on its surface. This is one of the quicker and safer ways to move around the surface of Hell, but obviously you will be relegated to the flow and direction of the Blood River. Also to be noted, Demons and Minions (to be discussed in the Chapter – Hell’s Inhabitants) frequent the rivers due to the ease of harvesting raw materials for the construction of their tools. So please beware when using a Blood River for transport as you will not want to come into contact with these individuals if you can help it. Conversely, one may find many useful items if they were to set up a skimming device using a ribcage on the side of a small river. Skimming Blood Rivers is one of the easiest ways to find useful pieces of bone or skin, and for the more advanced tool builder, even whole organs can be found. Usually Blood Rivers will ultimately culminate into a lake, pond, or the Great Blood Ocean. For some reason many people gravitate to these areas of blood accumulation. There is no clear advantage or disadvantage to gathering in these areas other than for the company of others. If one would decide to swim in one such body please be careful, often times the surface underneath Blood Lakes and ponds are covered with a silt made of fat and yellow-green bile. If you put your full weight on this semi-surface you could easily trap your foot in the silt and possibly be pulled under. If you do choose to swim, make sure you’re a strong swimmer, as blood is very dense and will render you exhausted in a matter of minutes. —From “Hell Geographica” By Doctorem Delta-Lindicus

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