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Bone Enclaves

Mar 31, 2020 by Fabrice Wilfong

A much less dangerous and more useful land construct is the Bone Enclave. This is an area where bone has separated from is user, most often torn away or dissolved while the person was within the bowels of Hell. Once in its pure form the bone merges when it comes into contact with other bone, reforming itself into huge masses, then it is jutted upwards from a large deposit within the substructure of Hell by way of flesh tectonics.

Bone Enclaves may be composed of pieces as small as three-foot branches six inches around, to as large as fifteen-foot high slabs. Bone Enclaves are often conglomerations of many older fragments of bone fused together by pressure, heat, and biological calcification. These enclaves can cover up to an acre, presenting as a mass of twisting caverns. Bones found in Bone Enclaves are often much larger and stronger than the ordinary bone you might find on the surface, or in the extremities of an Arm Forest. This is due to pressures the bone has experienced over time.

Bone Enclaves can prove to be a great resource if you can carve, or rip a piece from the main portion of the enclave. Trying to uproot a piece of bone will be extremely difficult even if small. Often times the majority of the bone is under the surface serving as a root where it draws the nutrients necessary to keep it porous and strong. There have been some reports of people using Bone Enclaves as shelters, as they are relatively dry and clean. But beware; as with all resources in Hell, others will covet them, therefore it is advised that you do not stay for long. Just take what you need and keep moving.

—From “Hell Geographica” By Doctorem Delta-Lindicus

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